Help - what needles do I need for this beret?

they only ask you to add the two types of needles to the cart, but didn’t specify the length, and didn’t specify when to use in knitting the pattern… :??

:smiley: Since the pattern is for knitting the beret flat (not in the round), you would need a pair of size 6 single point needles or whatever size needle you would need to obtain the correct gauge :wink:

(i am irritated that Lion makes us register to get the patterns now…rude! hmph!)

aaaaaaaaanyway a good indication that you don’t HAVE to use circs is that it talks about “rows” when it is giving you instructions. When you are knitting in the round it usually will say “round x” and there is no place where it tells you to join your work.

Sooooooooooooo you can use ANY length of circs you are comfortable with if you want to use them. I find that 24 inch circs are more comfortable for me when i am knitting flat but use whatever works best for you!

I didn’t know you had to reg for them until I went there just now. I’m already used to it from the Spinrite companies, so it’s no biggie to me generally. What bugs me is that they want your home address and such in order to reg… that kind of info should be optional IMO. </end rant>

As for the needles, you can use whatever length is comfortable. If you prefer straights, I would go with 14", rather than shorter. As for with circs, I think anything 24" or longer would be comfortable. The pattern instructions tell you to cast on and do the ribbing with the smaller needles, and then change to the other yarn and the larger needles. HTH,