Help - What kind of yarn?

I found a tube sock pattern I can do, but I don’t know what is the best yarn for a first try. Can someone offer some suggestions, please?

It’s usually easier to use a DK or worsted weight yarn for your first sock so you can use reasonable size needles. I would find that weight yarn too heavy for socks for me, but they would make nice slipper socks for around the house. :wink:

A tube sock should be pretty easy since it’s just a tube, but you’ll probably have to graft the toes. That’s not hard, just a new technique to learn.

The pattern calls for a star toe which for me would be a bad choice, (knowing my own feet) but then later the pattern says any toe finish would work.

It is a work down to the toes, so would grafting be your suggesting instead of a star toe?

I think it’s a matter of personal preference. I hadn’t even heard of the star toe till Ingrid did some socks, but as I recall she said it didn’t feel weird at all. I think either one would work fine. If you don’t like the star toe then graft it. Grafting is cool anyway. :shifty: :teehee:

I have problems with my feet because I was born with out some series’ of bones and no one noticed until I was an adult yuck. When we are born without, our bodies adjust to compensate, so my feet are what the orthos call, “misshapen”. When I make footprints in the sand they don’t look like foot prints LOL.

Tube socks are best, and I only wear athletic footwear, usually men’s sizes out of need. The star toe has too many “seams” and I don’t think my feet could handle them. Grafting which I found info on, would be a lot better type of seam.

Thanks for the info.