Help! What have I done?!

I’m trying to knit a sweater starting with the 2x1 rib edge and this keeps happening to me. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! And how can I fix it?

Sorry for the mohair and photos

Welcome to KH!
It looks like you’re creating an accidental yarn over. When you switch between knits and purl or purl and knits be sure that you’re bringing the yarn between the needles and not over the right needle.

I agree with Salmonmac , it looks like you are bringing the yarn over the needle when switching from knit to purl.Always bring the yarn between the needles when changing from knit to purl and from purl to knit.

Thanks for your help! You were right - I just unhooked the “stitch” and carried on. :slight_smile: I thought I was going between the needles but I obviously slipped up in that particular spot!

Now I have a beautiful 2x1 rib. :smile: thank you!

Lookimg good! Enjoy knitting your project and let us see a photo when you finish.