HELP ! What happened to MAGKNITS?

i tried so many times to get into magknits but failed… i am gone too long can someone update me ??? :??

i wanted a pattern that is a tank top with a scoop neck and another pattern that look like “sahara” from
and highland fling from Annie Modesitt

i miss all the great pattern from them…any help would greatly appreciated…

According to several blogs that came up when I Googled magknits – they shut down April 8, 2008. I don’t know what happened for sure, just that they shut down abruptly after some problems occurred.

As far as the patterns, I’m not sure what to tell you. I searched Annie Modesitt’s website but I didn’t find Highland Fling listed.

I don’t know the circumstances behind Magknits closing but I do know that a lot of the patterns that they published can be found on Ravelry. Many of the designers have published their patterns somewhere else and have link to them thru Ravelry. Just go to the Patterns tab and search for Magknits.


you can read this thread to find out more about what happened to Magknits, and there’s also info in there about where to find some of the patterns.

There were so many patterns it’s hard to narrow them down…

Is one of these the tank top?

There was a notice on their site just before they shut down that it was getting frustrating to keep doing it, when the amount of negative feedback so greatly outnumbered the positive, or something like that.
I was pretty bummed. I had just discovered it just a few weeks before it closed. :frowning:

A few of the patterns can be found here (click on the “free stuff” link, which takes you to here).

You can also try the internet “way back machine” trying to view pages at thislink, too.