Help what does "work a further" Mean

I am knitting my first sweater and the pattern tells me to repeat rows 1 thru 4, knit a further 10 rows… what does that mean? am I supposed to knit rows 1-4 10 times or am I supposed to knit 10 rows?

It would help if you could give us a pattern name and link if possible. I’m not sure what it means exactly. :think:

It is a kertzer pattern SRK180 Weekend Jacket - I can not find a link to the pattern. I am knitting the front of the sweater- does that help at all?

As a side note, while googling around for a pic of the project, I found this page listing errata for that pattern:

Not that it addresses your question - the correction is for the sleeves.

I did find a pic:

maybe if you tell us what part of the front you’re working on.

Can you type out rows 1-4, then the next instructions as they appear? It’s okay to post part of a pattern for help, just not the whole thing.

I am working on the left front — here are the instructions:

Cast on 66 sts
Row1 (RS)K1,P1: Rep from to last 12sts, K12
Row2: K12, Purl to last st, K1
Row 3: K2, *P1, K1: Rep from * to last 12sts, K12
Row 4: K12, Purl to last st K1
Repeat rows 1 to 4 for pattern st.
Work a further 10 rows in pattern, ending with RS facing.

The next step is for shaping the armhole.

See where it says “in pattern”? So yes, work the 4 pattern rows for another 10 rows. Do Rows 1-4 twice more, then rows 1 and 2. Then the next row will be row 3 where you start the shaping.

Thank you! Thank you! thank you! to all of you who answered me. I have been knitting for a couple of years but all I have done are baby blankets and throws. this is my first attempt at something more complicated. :knitting: