HELP! What does this mean?

I’m making a scarf and I dont quite understand this row

Row 1: K1, sl 1, K1, psso but before dropping slipped st from LH needle, k into back of it K1.

ok so when you get to the repeat part you slip the first stitch, then knit the next one, then pick up the one you slipped and pass it over the one you knit, they will change places and knit into the back of that one then slip it off. Knitting into the slipped stitch is kinda like you do with a SSK decrease.


ok. So slip one, knit one, and then put the slipped one on my LH needle before dropping it off and knit into the back of it? Then drop it off?

and now that you mention it, is ssk the same as knit2tog tbl?

The ssk can be seen on video if you go to the glossary. I had to look it up myself. With SSK you slip 2 stitches to the right needle and knit them there. With K2tog you knit them on the left needle.

As long as you are slip it as if to purl when you put it back on your left needle you can do it that way. Or you can keep it on the right needle and knit that way.

When you do ssk the stitches are turning one at a time, with K2togtbl the are turning together.

Ok. I think I’ve got it. If I dont put the slipped stitch back on my left needle after passing it over, I would insert the left needle into the front of the stitch and knit into the back right?

Thank you very much!

It sounds like you’re doing the My So-Called Scarf. There is an easier way, that ends up with the exact same stitch.

Slip one, knit one, yarn over, pass the slipped stitch over both the knit and the yo.

Wow! You’re good. Thats exactly what I was going to make! Thanks for the tip!

It’s not that I’m so great, it’s just that this is the only popular pattern that uses this stitch, and it gets asked about a lot.:wink:

I guess I need to learn to search old threads before I post questions huh?

Well, it hasn’t popped up in at least six months. But yes, if you search My So Called Scarf, you’ll finds lotsa threads on it…

Thank you!