Help!! What does this mean??

Hi :slight_smile: I’m new, and I’m knitting a cardigan. I’ve got stuck on part of the patten. It doesn’t actually say to cast on an extra 10 stitches - but is that what it means? Wouldn’t that make a ‘sticky out bit’ in the knitting? Can’t see anything like that in the photo of the cardi…! The bit I don’t get is ‘K to end , patt across 10 sts for left border’…20181002_192407|900x1200

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Yes, not a cast on of 10 extra sts. It’s possible that the 10sts form the front border. You knit them first, then add that piece onto the body of the cardigan where it mentions the 10sts.

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Thank you! I tried that as a first option, then unravelled and increased by the 10 stitches, so will undo and follow your suggestion - thank you for your advice! Xx