Help! What do I do?

I am knitting something that calls for a guage of 22 stitches and 29 rows per 4 inches. I have the stitch guage dead on but my row guage is off with me getting only about 3.5 inches per 29 rows. Do I just add more rows than the pattern calls for? I don’t want to change needle sizes because that will throw my stitch guage off!

that happens to me all the time. add more rows. use your tape measure to tell you when something is long enough, not your row count. Have fun!

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Stitch gauge is much more important than row gauge. Most patterns tell you to knit for X inches anyway. You should make your swatch wider than the gauge stitches, like CO 30 and measure the 4" out of the middle. The edge stitches usually arent the same size as the middle ones, so making a gauge that’s exactly 4" may not turn out right. You should be getting just over 7 rows per inch to get gauge, and you seem to be doing a little more than 8. And going down a needle size usually changes rows more than it does stitches.


Thank you for your advice. This pattern is unfortunately set out by rows for the increasing and decreasing, not inches, but there are pictures/schematics with measurements on them included as part of the pattern. I think I will just have to add some rows in between the decreases to make it so the tank top is not shaped strangely.

I hope it works out!

Convert their number of incease and decrease rows to inches, then use howevermany inches to convert back to your rows/inch.


Wow, Suzeeq, thank you so much for that advice. I figured it out! The decreasing section calls for 50 rows to be used. I need 59. That equals out to adding one row in each 5 row decrease section making it 6 rows per decrease section instead of 5, all except for one!

Thank you so much for your help, the way you told me to do it is going to work out so wonderfully!