HELP.. went from straight to circle

Well I started a hat flat, and when I got to a certain point it was just not fitting on the needles anymore, very smooshed. So when I got paid I got a circular needle and transferred it to the needle. Since I was on a purl row, I purled it to the circular thinking this would work.

Now the right side of the hat is facing the outside and the purl side or wrong side is inside the circular. Now when I started knitting… the right side seems to look like the stitch when I do 2 rows of knit…

So to review… when I am holding the needles to start knitting I SEE the INSIDE of the hat… and it looks like the purl side… wrong side…

DId I do this right… or what do I need to do to fix this?

Are you now knitting in the round?

If so, the tips of the needle should be closest to you and the cord away from you. You should see the outside of the hat as you knit, and you’ll be able to knit every round for stockinette.

If the purl bumps are showing on the outside of the hat from the row you just knit, then you’re knitting on the inside of the hat. Tink back and have the outside of the hat facing you as you knit.

I am so confused now… yes I went to knitting in the round…when I first started knitting this on the circle the inside of the hat, was inside the circle…I guess if I flip it around the inside is the outside… and the rs is in… lord… I am confused…

What does tink mean?

Na… flipping doesnt seen to work…then the yarn seems its on the left… I am making no sense at all now… It seems I am knittin gon the inside of the hat… looking at the purl side… wrong side.
I dont want to have to do purl all the time to fix this…

Do I need to take it off and put it back on some other way?

DOes anyone know what I am trying to fix?

Okay I got this thing to work with the stitches looking like ST st… now here is my question… if I have the needles crossed like to knit… and it forms a circle and I put my hand inside the circle… would I be touching the inside or outside of the hat.

If I do this I am now touching the outside or RS of the hat… so… if this is wrong… how do I fix it…

So sorry for the confusion… so tried to visualize how this should be… but its my first project on circles… and doing this half way… well… I am learning by trial and lots of fire… lol
Thanks ahead

Tink is unknit the sts one by one. Because you joined at the end of a purl row, your hat is inside out and even if you flip it, you’ll still be working on the purl rows. So take it back to where you joined it and turn as if you were on straights, then you can knit the RS row and either join there, or keep working flat.

Look at these pictures and see if it helps.

Oh thanks for this site… I had the question figured out from the other postings and come back and forth to check mine for additions… This was a great tutorial adding to all I amlearning from this site. Thanks…I have such a problem starting with the DPNS… till I get those first few rows done… then it feels right for knitting and seeing the item progress and I can hold it right. I did like the way they showed how to hold the needles to make sure your not twisted that was a lot easier for me to see and understand than other ways I have seen. I had the transfer done right… just didnt have the needles place right in my hand since it was my first time… took me a few turns and some common sense to see it finally.

YOu all are so awesome… I am learning so many things so fast with this site.