HELP.....Waffle Stich 2

In Potter Craft’s 400 Knitting stitches, page 227 in the double knit section is a stitch called Waffle 2…

I am going nutz trying to figure out the k1 and p1 below. What I end up with is not what is shown in the pictures.

I am inserting the needle knit wise through the center of the stitch below the next st and accordingly purl wise through the center of the stitch.

I am thinking perhaps I should be trying to knit or purl through the loop picking up one strand and not the two that you would normally get knitting through the center.

Any help, links or videos that can help me get my mind and needle around this stitch would be soooooo appreciated!!:slight_smile:

Many Thanx,

You lost me on line two. What is the problem? I have made many dish cloths in double knit. Just remember that every 2 stitches makes one each side of the fabric (one front/one back.) Just because it is double knit.

Have you looked at the k-b video on the Glossary page? It sounds like you’re doing it right; it does take several rows for this pattern to start looking like it’s supposed to though.

Thank You,Iwill keep trying and see how far I can get