Help W/ Sock Pattern Please :) Edit : Toe-up difficulty

So, I’m working on the heel on the Basic Formula for Men’s Socks pattern.

Well, I’ve come across a small problem where it says:

"Next row: Slip one, k to within 1 st away from gap, k2 tbl, k1, TURN

Next row: Slip one, p to within 1 st away from gap, p2 tog, p1, TURN"

Do they actually mean k2togtbl? If so, I have some un-knitting to do … and I may have some helpful feedback to the author! :blush:

Yes, it’s k2togtbl, a typo, I’m sure…very easy to do when writing a pattern :wink:

I would guess that you are correct, but I would confirm with the author. If one direction requires a p2tog, then the other direction very likely has a decrease as well.

Like I said, though, a nice inquiry to the author is probably in order. He or she is just human and may have made a mistake :doh:

Hehehe well I think you guys are right that it’s a typo. I went to an online sock class to get instructions on doing a heel, which is what I’m using right now … I did attempt the directions in the original pattern, but I’ve frogged it twice now and I think I’ll go for some step-by-step instructions (w/ pictures :slight_smile: - always good for sock newbies like myself). This is a good pattern, I think I’m just having a hard time because it’s my first sock.

I’m so sorry that you had a typo with your 1st sock :frowning: But…it’s great that you discovered it! I think that we’ve all redone sock heels, no biggie :wink: It says alot that you discovered the boo-boo with you 1st sock…WTG :thumbsup:
Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any other questions :wink:

I had to frog the whole thing! :shock:

Well, live and learn. I tried it on after turning the heel and picking-up stitches for the gusset, and it was too small! Shucks.

I’ve moved on to a different pattern, this time toe-up. I did actually learn a lot with the cuff-down pattern, but I’d prefer to knit a pattern which can really be tried on as it goes.

So, now I’m working on this pattern - and I am having the hardest time with the toe. I understand how it goes, but I can’t make it work. The stitches are very tight and getting in there to knit is incredibly difficult. I’m off to try casting-on again (5th try! lol). If anyone has advice on this toe technique it’d be greatly appreciated.

If you can’t get the hang of that technique, I don’t see why you couldn’t use another one! There are three other cast-on methods for toe-up socks explained here: :smiley: