Help w/pattern start?

Ok, I’m a new knitter and I’m taking on a pattern that was labeled as “easy-for beginner” but I don’t understand the start of it. My first instructions are:

cast on 1 st
rows 1-6 knit into front and back of first st, knit to end of row-7st at end of row 6

How do I knit into front and back of only one stitch? I understand knitting into front, or knitting into back, but how do you do both in only 1 stitch?


Knit into the st, leave it on the L needle then knit into the back leg of it. It’s shown on the Increases page as the kfb increase.

Thanks, I wasn’t realizing it was an increase :slight_smile: this is the first thing I’ve made that wasn’t square! I wasn’t getting that I leave the first stitch on when I go thru the back. Thanks so much!!!

Yep it’s an increase, that’s how you get from 1 st to 7 after 6 rows…