Help w/Illusion knitting chart?

I am trying to knit this Shroud of Turin illusion (you may have to click on the chart to enlarge it), but am having trouble understanding the chart. It says to start at the bottom right hand corner. However, if I read that row right, it says to knit one w/color A, then purl 3 with color B, etc. How can there be two colors on one row? And many of the rows have chart instructions for more than one color. I thought the whole thing with illusion knitting was that you stuck with one color throughout a row.

What am I missing here? I haven’t done illusion knitting before so I’m a little confused. Thanks!!!

Hmm… that does look a bit odd. :??

Row 1 looks fine (knitting 27 with color A), but on row 2 it looks like you are knitting 17 with color b, purling 1 with color A, knitting 7 with color b and then purling 1 with color A…

I think this is not a “true” illusion chart, more like a combination of intarsia and illusion… :shrug:

I personally would “shift” all the “wrong color” blocks down to one row and knit them as if they were part of that row, instead of the row above. That way all the rows would be of only 1 color and the “illusion” would be created by the difference in heights of the knits and purls, that would look more like the “illusion” chart I am used to.

Anybody else have any ideas?

I agree with IBamyB.
bip, I think you’re reading it correctly.
but this is different from most “illusion” charts. the illusion charts I’ve worked with use only 1 color per row and the image would “pop out” on the rows where the purl bumps rise above the knit Vs.