Help w/ cleaves

So I finally made it to the cowl but when it came time to actually knit across the sleeves as the pattern says I realized that I would either have to join the sleeves again (which I doubt is what you’re supposed to do) or I have to knit on the purl side (I’ve never been able to follow how you guys identify the stitches b/c I always thought the wavy bumps were knit st.s and the V’s were purls).

Anyways I figured that I would try to knit across even though the stitches would look mismatched but then it occurred to me that my sweater may be inside out if I continue this way =\

I’m afraid to go any further b/c I’ve spent practically my entire summer on this project and I’d rather not mess it up.

Has anybody done this project before or know what is the appropriate thing to do? Thank you in advance.

If I recall the pattern, you knit across one sleeve, CO half the cowl sts, knit the other sleeve, and CO for the rest of the cowl. On the RS.

im not sure i understand what your problem is sorry.
You have the two sleeves on stitch holders right? the last rows that you worked on them was a [k1 k2tog] to end (so basically a knitted row.
you pick up one sleeve, and with your long circular needle knit the stitches of the holder, then you cast on 36 (or however many depending on size) stitches for the cowl using a cable cast on (although i guess aknitted cast on could be used to). Then you pick up the other sleeve adn knit the stitches from the stitch holder, then cast on another 36 cowl stitches.
you should have all you stitches on your needle then and you can join to begin working inthe round. you sare then knitting in 2x2 ribbing (k2p2) until the end.

I agree with what you are saying that knitting across the sleeve stiches rather than purling them may create a little bump but as it is only for one row before you go into the ribbing i dont think it matters and is just a good way of marking the end of the seeves and the begginging of the cow.
I think that in this case it is best to just do exactly as the pattern says.

Yes, I forgot to mention that you won’t be working on the WS at all, so you won’t be knitting on the purl side. Knit across the knit side of the sleeves, cast on the stitches between them and join to knit in the round.

Thanks you guys for your help! I probably was just over-thinking it b/c I’ve put so much time into it and I’m a bit of a perfectionist (that likes to do it right the first time).

Just now I picked up my needles to continue knitting and I realized I’ve forgotten how to knit flat on circulars! I didn’t think that was possible but apparently it is! lol. I guess I get to go watch some videos now to jog my memory :doh: