Help w/ Berroco Olivia sweater

Hi everyone , Happy New Year. I really want to get started on this sweater:

but I’m confused about this first row (sad right?) I don’t understand these changes:
“Row 1 (RS): K6(3-8-5-5), (p8, k8) 5(6-6-7-8) times, end p8, k6(3-8-5-5).”

I would appretiate(sp) any input here, thanks guys.
Amy C

Row 1 (RS): K6(3-8-5-5), (p8, k8) 5(6-6-7-8) times, end p8, k6(3-8-5-5)

The numbers in the parentheses are for the different sizes, except for the (p8,k8), the numbers after that tell you how many times to (p8,k8).

So, if you’re making the middle size, you would K8, then (p8,k8) 6 times, ending with p8 and k8.


I thought that’s what it meant but I don’t trust my own opinion yet about patterns. Thanks for the quick reply!
Amy C

If you could understand it with all those emoticons in there… geeze. That was suppose to be 8 and ) - without the space, they make 8) :shrug: