Help, videos not working

Hi all, Ive just joined and have to say what a brilliant site it is. I have a problem though, I cant watch any videos :cry: When I click on the icon all I get is ‘page not available’. I have downloaded the windows media player but no luck. Can anyone help please :smiley:
Many thanks, Jeanette

Hi Jeanette!

Sorry, that’s my fault. I’m currently adding a TON of content to the site, and there are a few pages who’s videos are not currently working because of the process. They will be working tomorrow! The problem occured when my internet connection broke in the middle of the night last night, and it downloaded part of the page content, but not the new video links. Since the videos are so enormous, I have to wait until tonight to finish uploading them! (I wish I could do it now, but my husband needs the bandwidth for his business during the day).

Sorry for the inconvenience!
(Maybe I should put a note on the pages, to let people know they’ll be working tomorrow!)


There…Most of the videos should be working now. The newest ones will be up tomorrow!

Hi Amy!

First I want to say that I love your site…excellent!

I am having problems with the videos. I don’t have Media Player connected because it freezes up my computer, and every time I click on a video on your site to view it goes to Media Player, and my computer freezes. Is there a way to see the videos in Quick Time, which I have on my computer. I sure would like to see these videos.

Moo :wink: :slight_smile:

I view the videos using Quick Time

Welcome Moo!

If your Media player is acting like that, you probably want to uninstall it. That alone might do the trick. If not, re-intall Quicktime, and I believe it will ask you if you want to make it your default player for certain things, and just say yes to all.

Hope that does the trick for you!

[b]Hi Amy!

Thanks for the welcome. My Media Player has been uninstalled all along. When I click on the little video icon on your site it goes straight to Media Player for viewing, and freezes, so is it only Media Player that demonstrates your videos? I have Quick Time, and it is fine. I use Quick Time on other sites that demonstrate their videos in Quick Time, I don’t have to reinstall it, and I have no problem with it. Is there a certain icon I am to click on to view in Quick Time on your site? Why would I have to reinstall Quick Time when I already have it?

Moo :slight_smile: [/b]

There are different types of movie files that a site can use. “.avi”, “.mpg,” are two. Your preferences are probably set to open .avi files with Quicktime, and .mpg files with Media Player.

There’s probably a short-cut to changing your preferences in your browser, but I don’t know it. By re-installing Quicktime, you should be able to choose the file types you want to default to Quicktime. Just choose all file types shown, since your Media Player is giving you trouble.

Hope it works for you!

Here’s how you can change your preferences in Quicktime.

Preferences --> QuickTime Preferences
File Type Associations (from the pull down menu)
(check mark ON for the "notify me if other applications modify these viewer associations)
File Types

From here you can click everything or just click the .avi and .mpg files.

If Windows was set as a default for any of these files, then you’ll get notified of it. If you don’t get a message, and Quicktime still will not work on Amy’s website, then I would look for updates and/or reinstall.

Good luck!

Beldaraan, thank you!!!

For some reason I was thinking you had to do this within your browser’s preferences. No wonder I couldn’t figure it out! LOL. That’s very straight forward, and definitely faster than re-installing!

GREAT to know.

Everything I know about computers in general, I learned from my hubby. He is a very good researcher and a complete sponge for information. :slight_smile:


Some info for Windows Media Player (WMP). First, WMP is not uninstalled if it is still popping up on you. Did you mean that you tried to disable it? Perhaps if you did try to uninstall it, you weren’t allowed to. I’m not familiar with how difficult it is to remove WMP, because I’ve never tried to get rid of it. Personally, I use WMP for videos and Winamp for audio.

There are some programs that make it “impossible” to remove. An example would be MSN messenger from Windows XP. When I installed XP on my comp for the first time, I was disgusted that it put messenger on my comp, even having the nerve to keep activating itself in my system tray :evil: , so I tried to close it, uninstall it, remove it permanently. Nothing worked. After doing some research, I found out that I had to change some coding in the registry to remove it. That is not for the weak hearted!

Anyway, if you would like to have WMP working, then here’s some ideas that you can try to fix it.

  1. Update the drivers on your VIDEO card. I think WMP had some issues with an nVidea card.

  2. Update your version of WMP. A lot of the time, updates will overwrite anything problems from the previous version.

These 2 suggestions alone should get it to work. If not, then do you get any kind of error message before it crashes? If you do get an error message, then copy it into a google search and you will find solutions that way.

If it is still crashing, then you can go to the website and they may have a way to contact them for other help. I’ll ask my hubby tonight if there’s anything else that I could suggest.

Excellent suggestions, Beldaraan. I can tell your hubby knows his stuff, and you’ve clearly learned a lot yourself! I’ve learned everything from my hubby too. It sure comes in handy being married to a computer wiz, doesn’t it?! (This site wouldn’t have happened, otherwise!)

I hate programs that hijack your preferences, and are difficult to uninstall! MSN messenger sounds like a pain in the butt. Real Player is another example. It’s probably the most invasive program ever made (it’s almost virus-like!) which is why I have a link to a Real Player Alternative, instead of the original, on the front page of this site.


I have a little beef with Quicktime right now. It loads itself into my system tray when I boot up my computer. No need for it to be there, so I may just uninstall and see what happens. I hardly turn off my comp so I keep forgetting about it. I think I tried setting the preferences to not load up when I start my comp, but either I couldn’t find it or it’s a “fake” command.

I always get Quicktime and RealPlayer mixed up too. As mentioned I rely on WMP and Winamp for my media stuff, but sometimes I need one of the other players.

Having a resourceful hubby around comes in handy. Sometimes it gets frustrating between us when he doesn’t understand why I don’t understand, or other times, when I forget something that he’s told me “a million times already.”

He’s a keeper for a while yet. I told him that when he turns 40, I’ll be going through my midlife crisis and will have to trade him in for two 20 year olds :twisted: