HELP - Unraveling short rows & picked up stitches

I had nearly finished all of the rows in a shawl collar on my first attempt at a vest, and I realized I had put my neck marker in the wrong place – which meant that my button placket would be too short…so I tried to unravel a few rows, but now it’s a right mess. In order to make the shawl collar, I had picked up stitches and then knit short rows, and now when I try to pick up the rows, there are huge gaps on either side of the neck, which I think are as a result of dropping the wrapped stitch and/or the picked up stitch that I was supposed to be knitting. If I can possibly avoid it, I’d like not to pull out the entire shawl collar, but I have a sick feeling that might be the only solution… can anyone help me??? :waah:

I think you need to rip back further to a row before the wrap & turn. I don’t know of another way to fix it. Especially if you has the center of the back neck incorrectly marked. Cause that would put the extra fabric for the back of the neck off center.

Thank you – that’s what I thought, but I was hoping perhaps I could save the work I did…oh well. Lesson learned! :x: