HELP! Unraveled horizontal stitches

I’m knitting a sweater (my first) and things were fine until last night. I was getting ready to finish a purl row when I noticed about 5 stitiches in my last purl row were unraveled–I had a horizontal length of yarn 2 rows below. I went back and figured out where and re-purled them in. I have gently tugged on the work to make sure they are not coming loose again and looked at the right side of the work. It’s just a little looser than the rest. I still have the correct # of stitches on the needle.

My question is this: Should I un-knit and reknit the last 3 or 4 rows or can I leave the work as is?


If it looks good to you, then it should be okay.

If you’re sure you have picked up all the dropped stitches, then I think you should be fine. I bet if you gently tug at the fabric a bit, the stitches will settle back into shape. However, if you think it’s going to bug you, I’d frog now while it’s only 3-4 rows rather than waiting till it’s significantly more.

The only reason that I can think of that something would unravel horizontally is that at that point you had put the work down and picked it up and started working in the wrong direction. That would leave a stitch unconnected to the next one and allow it to unravel from that point. My concern would be that it could happen again if this was the case.

Thanks to all!

What I think I may have done was that I did begin to knit in a place where I needed to be purling. I went backwards and think I may have done it that way.