Help! Uneven felting!

I felted a bag and while the body felted beautifully, the flap did not. Not only do I have a partially felted flap, but it’s also longer than the body! Any suggestions on fixing this?

Did you use a different type yarn for the flap?

Nope, I used all the same yarn with the stuff the pattern recommended. The yarn had good reviews that I could find about its feltability (is that even a word?). Everything else looks good but the flap! :wall:

Wow…I have no idea what the problem is then. I wonder if you could somehow seal the purse part in bag and refelt the flap? :shrug:

Here are some pictures:
back and flap:

I think I’d keep felting. Maybe the body of the bag felted faster because it rubbed up against itself. If the flat started to felt, it should continue to do so.

I will do that, thank you very much for your help!

I will do that, thank you both for your help. :hug: