HELP ! Understanding Written Directions

I am stumped as to how to complete this section of the pattern

Then slip 2 stitches from #3 needle over to #1 needle
then k3 drop 13 sts on pc of yarn (will be 11 plus 1
on each side of the stitches you have cast on.
i then cast on 3 stitches over needle and pc of yarn
and continue to knit around

I’ve tried to figure it out but do not understand ? I have two needles with 16 stitches (needles 2 & 3 ???) each and one needle with 22 (is this needle 1 ???) stitches (12 plus the stitches I increased).

I’ve knit this over and over until I’ve almost wore out the wool but am not doing it correctly as the hole for the thumb is too tight. I’ve already knit one of the mittens and it worked out fine (with the help of suzeeq) but can’t seem to remember how I did the first one when I got to this section ???

Oh yeah, that pattern… Just move 2 sts from the end of needle 3 over to needle 1. To ‘drop’ 13 sts, means to just put them on scrap yarn or a holder, cast on 3 sts that will be over the sts you have on hold.

To find the previous thread where we worked this out, click on your name and a menu drops down. Then click on ‘Find previous posts by slantaya’ and you should be able to see the thread on the other mitten.