Help understanding what my pattern means

I’m knitting my first cardigan, and I’m stuck on what the pattern is trying to get me to do. It says:

With RS facing, using 8mm needles starting at first front dec on right front, pick up and knit 25 stitches evenly along shaped edge front, 14 stitches from 15 cast off stitches at back of neck and 25 stitches evenly along shaped edge of left front to first front dec.

i get some of it, but i get confused in the middle.

Thanks sooo much!


Welcome to KH!
You’re going to be picking up stitches for a neckband or collar. These videos show a pullover and it sounds like you may be working on a cardigan but the general idea is the same:

What is your pattern name and can you give us a link to it?

The pattern is Sidar Denim Ultra 8593.

i have substituted the wool for moda vera narciso and the colour has turned out quite nicely :slight_smile:

Great looking jacket!

There are directions for picking up and knitting here also:

Using markers to help space out the picked up stitches is a good idea.