Help Understanding this pattern

Hello all,

I hope someone can help me again. I am working with the same pattern that I asked about in an earlier post. I am lost…again. :aww:

Here are the parts of the instructions where I am absolutely stuck (see first image below):

When it says, don’t bind off, but thread through remaining sts, pull up tight and secure in circle, do they mean just cut the yarn and thread it through the remaining sts and then make a knot?

Also, for the instructions to make the feet, if you bind off 4 sts how do you keep working straight in those same sts (i.e. the ones you just bound off)? Really confused here…lol.

Here is what the feet are supposed to look like (see 2nd image below):

I would really appreciate any help you can provide.


First question: yes. Just thread through, gather and tie really solidly.

Second one: notice you cast on 8 stitches to start with? Bind off four and work on the other four. It’s phrased kind of oddly.

Hi Becky,

Thank you for the quick reply! Another question please: for the remaining 4 stitches, do I need to add more yarn b/c when I bound off four of the 8 stitches, I cut the yarn to pull it through the first four stitches. If I have to add more yarn…umm…how do I do that? I am a total beginner, hence the many questions. Thanks in advance for your patience and help.