Help understanding this pattern

Hi all,

I’m new to knitting and have been trying to knit a little jumper for my son. The back finishes off in reverse stocking stitch and tells me to “work straight until back measures 20cms ending with a knit row”.

This raises the first questionb- does this mean that the last row should be purl ready to start a knit row, or I should complete a knit row ?

Then to shape the shoulders it says - " cast off 14 sts at beg of next 2 rows. Slip remaining 17 sts onto a holder" This again confuses me. Should I be casting off 14, then knitting or purling 17, then casting off 14 ? Or should I be casting off 14, knitting or purling to the end of the row, then casting off 14 ?

If anyone can help I’d be really grateful as I’m really confused.

Thanks in advance,


Hi :slight_smile:

You will go ahead and complete the knit row.

Then on the binding off, you will bind off 14 sts and finish the row.
Bind off 14 sts, and then slip the remaining sts on to a holder.

Hope that helps,


thanks ever so much Libbie - I know it was probably daft but I’d got myself so confused.

Thanks again,