Help understanding the row repeats!

I don’t quite understand the row repeats for my top down sweater! I am posting a picture of the pattern! I am having trouble with the Raglan Inc. and the Neck shaping! (They are the same except the neck has an extra inc. At each end!) The repetition has me a little confused!
Do I do the Neck shaping row instead of the Raglan row on RS row 2 and 4? And then alternate between the two for the rest of the rows? ( I am doing the smallest size)
Thank you for any help!! :slight_smile:

Work the neck and raglan increases at the same time. Sometimes they will be worked in the same rows.
Call the set up row, row 0 then the next rows are rows 1-5 plus a WS purl row, row 6.
Then you should work the raglan increases on rows 7,9,11,13,15,17 and then rows 21,25,29,33,37,41,45,49,53,and 57.
Work the neck increase on rows and 41 then on rows 43,45,47,49,51,53,55,57.

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Okay, thank you so much!! That makes sense! But I am doing the math and with the Raglan Inc. Rows with 8sts ;and Neck shaping with 10sts; I will have 280 sts by row 57!
And the pattern says I should only have 248! I checked to see if I included rows 1-5 in the repetition, and I still ended up with 254 sts!
Am I adding wrong?

I get 248st by the end of the increases:
CO 60sts
Rows 1-5 (60+8+8+8+2=86)
Six rows of raglan increase is 48
Ten more rows of raglan is 80
Nine rows of neck inc is 18
Eight more rows of neck inc is 16



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Okay, that adds up!
The Raglan Inc row is every RS for 6 rows, and then every other RS row for 10 rows( every 4th). The Neck Shaping is every other RS row for 9 rows( every 4th) and then EVERY RS row for 8 rows.
So the Raglan Inc is every other RS row, and the Neck is every RS row.
Am I only to K2, inc, k across to last 2 st, inc, k2?
I was thinking that I included the Raglan Inc as well in the Neck shaping!!!
Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:

For some rows you do work both the neck and raglan but not for all.
The neck increase rows coincide with some of the raglan rows up to row 41 (there are more raglan inc rows). Then after row 41 there are more neck increase rows than raglan rows.
The way I do this kind of thing is to use a row counter and to make a chart with 2 columns, one for raglan and one for neck increases. Then I list the rows and check them off as I work the increases.

My confusion was in the pattern. When it gave the pattern for Neck shaping it was:
"k2, LLI, work established(including raglan Incs) to 2 stitches before end, RLI, k2"
Which, silly me, thought I worked that every Neck shaping row!!
Which was why I was confused with the repeats because I thought ‘why would they have me work Raglan inc every other RS when they are doing Neck shaping, cause its the same thing!?’ :smile:
I guess this wasn’t my brightest moment!! :wink:
Thank you so much for helping me, and bringing to light my misunderstanding!! :slight_smile:

No, you’re correct. The pattern is confusing on this point. You did the right thing in adding up the numbers to confirm that it made sense and then realizing that it didn’t Good job!.