Help understanding the instructions in this pattern

Hello all,

I turn to you lovely people to ask for your help once again.

I’m making these :

And can’t seem to get my head around the instructions for rows 16 - 35.

The way I’m reading it, Im starting row 16 with 48 stitches, and by the end of row 35, I should have 42 stitches, which equals a decrease of 6 stitches.

So the bit that’s confusing me, is that its saying to decrease 2 stitches 5 times, surely that equals a decrease of 10 stitches which is too many ??

Additionally, its saying to decrease stitches on rounds 21 and 28, but round 21 is 6 rows from stating this sections (rows 16-21 = 6 rows).

If I read it as decrease 2 stitches on rows 21, 28 and 35 then I get my decrease of 6 stitches, but this doesn’t lead to have decreased " 2 sts every 7th round 5 times).

Can anyone help explain this?

Huge thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It looks like they’re counting rounds from the beginning. So the decreases are on rounds 7, 14,21,28 and 35. It’s not very clear from the pattern but that works out with the numbers and with the placement of the decs at every 7th round.

ahh I see, that makes so much more sense now !! Thank you ever so much ! Really appreciate your help :slight_smile: