Help understanding the instructions for sleeves


I have just started knitting again after many many years and I have a problem understanding the instructions it reads.

[B]“Keeping pattern correct, shape sides by inc 1 st at each end of 3rd row (from beginning of pattern) and every foll 4th row until there are 60 sts then on every 6th row until there are 76 sts”[/B].

Does this mean:[I]
“increase on 3rd and then immediately row 4” [/I]
or does it mean[I]:[/I][I]
“on the 3rd and then start counting rows again and then start increasing on row 4”[/I]?

Thank you in advance

and of course Merry Christmas

You are correct when you say increase on the 3rd row, begin counting rows again and then start increasing on the 4th row…

This will make your sleeve get wider from the cuff up, so it will fit nicely.

Happy knitting and Merry Christmas

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Yep, exactly. You need to shape the sleeve to accommodate both your skinny l’il wrist and your muscular upper-arm comfortably.

That’s why you increase more often down by your wrist, and less often up above the elbow.

Congrats on re-discovering knitting! It’s like riding a bicycle - you never quite forget how, once you learn. Relearning is fun. :woot:

When you’re done, it’d be great if you could post a photo of your sweater masterpiece!