Help understanding pattern😳

Hi all,

I’ve just returned to knitting after a few years break. I’m knitting Sirdar 7078 pattern. It’s knitted side ways from sleeve to sleeve. I cast on beginning sets, then after I worked a few rows casted on more stitches st the end of row. The pattern says work back till measuring 21cm from cast on stitches. Does it mean original cast on or later cast on.

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This pattern?
Where are you in the pattern? Have you cast on a large number of stitches for the side edges of the sweater or just a few stitches to widen the sleeve?

Thanks for the reply, I’m at the 2nd Row. K2, purl to end. 1st and 2nd rows set St-stating garter stitch edge cont until back measures 8 1/4 inches from cast on sts, ending with a ws row. Place a coloured marker at end of last row

I just want to make sure I understand where you are in the pattern. So it sounds like you’ve knit one sleeve, then cast on sts for the back (and for the front?).
If that’s correct, then measure from the recently cast on sts for the back.

Thank you, for your help