Help understanding pattern


I am knitting a teddy bear for my daughter. I have done the head but now I’m on the body I’m stuck pattern doesn’t seem to make sense or maybe I have misunderstood it.

The pattern says :

Begin at neck edge cast on 30 ST

1 row - K3 inc next 16 ST K3 50 ST

When I did it I cast on the 30 st then on row 1 I knitted the first 3 st then I knitted and increased on the next 16 st but then I’m stuck because if I knit the next 3 st I am not at the end of the row

Please help

Well, it’s not immediately obvious to me either. I have several questions if you don’t mind:
Are there any special directions for the increase? Are these the exact directions for row 1? Can you give us the next row and a link to the pattern or a pattern name if possible?

The pattern exactly states :

Body: Begin at neck edge cast on 30 St

1st row - K3 inc in next 16 St K3 50 St

Beginning with a purl row work 12 rows St St

I have managed to knit the teddys head and ears lust this first row has me confused because I can’t get it to make sense or result in 50 st.

Any help appreciated I am a beginner and this is my first teddy bear.


There are no special instructions for the increase


Yes, it’s just as you said. Let’s take it that the pattern wants you to increase by 20sts so that you end the row with 50sts. You could k3, increase 20sts over the next 24sts and end with k3. See if 50sts makes sense for the rest of the directions (for example, decreases in later rows perhaps).

One way that you could do the increases is to k3, increase in each of the next 5sts, k2, increase in each of the next 10sts, k2, increase in each of the next 5sts, k3. A knit front and back (kfb) is an easy way to do the increases.

Thank you I was thinking something along those lines but I’m new to knitting so not very confident guess I should trust my instincts.
Anyway thanks again for all your help.