Help understanding pattern


I am a newbie here & have just started to teach myself to knit. Thanks to this site I am progressing quite well!!

I have decided to try knitting some squares of different stitches to practice before I start a project. They will be knitted together to make a blanket if they turn out well, or dishcloths if they’re a bit wonky!!

Anyway I am having problems with the folllowing pattern for lace rib stitch. I have tried to “trust the pattern” but I am going wrong somewhere. This is exactly what the pattern says -

cast on 41 stitches

row 1: k1 yrn k3 sl1 k2tog psso k2 yrn k1 repeat to end
row 2: p

I think I understand the pattern abbreviations & how to work the stitches (again thanks to the wonderful glossary & videos here!!)

Row one the first stitch is knit 1, then I knit the following stitches and repeat whats inbetween the ** (ie not including the first k1)

My problem is that I only seem to be working 9 stitches within each ** repeat, so I have 4 stitches left at the end of the row.

What am I missing? Any advice would be appreciated!

Hi Kate, first, welcome to the world of knitting- boy, you sure picked a difficult pattern for your early attempts- I usually try to chart out any lace patterns I work on; I"m sure there must be a web site that explains the different symbols . Having said that are you doing the yarn overs (yrn} called for in your pattern? when decreasing in lace patterns you have to replace the sts you took out with Yarn overs of something similiar so you end up with the same number of sts you started with. Good luck Ellie

I’m only counting 9 stitches between the ** too. It looks like there might be an error. Where did you get the pattern from?

if you have a picture of the pattern, you could try to cast on 37 stitches and work it that way. Then see if it looks correct. Maybe the “cast on 41 stitches” is the typo…

hi Ellie

Thanks for your reply. I think I am doing the yrn’s right, there a 2 in each repeat which should replace the ‘sl1 k2tog psso’ which ‘uses’ 3 stitches to give one stitch on the new row. I hope that makes sense!!

I have looked up all the stitches up and watched the vidoes here to make sure I am doing them right.

I think maybe I picked a hard pattern, :?? but it looked easy because it alternates with a simple purl row. I thought this would be a good pattern to practice stitches, but not have to keep track of too many different rows!! :smiley:

edit Hi Sanda Ellen - Thanks for reply - you guys are so quick to help!! thanks

It’s from a book called ‘teach yourself to knit’, which is actually a great book!! I will take your advice and cast on 37 stitches.

My first attempt has been relagated to a dishcloth - maybe the next one can be a blanket square!

Hi again, after reading Sandra’s msg I have a feeling that the k2tog psso should be sl 1 k1 psso sometimes patterns give you too much info. I think they are trying to say that they want you to work 2 sts together usingthe skpsso method :star:

I’m not sure :shrug: - if I do that, will I then be increasing each time as I’ll be doing 2 yrn’s? :?? grrr maybe I should try another pattern!

the sl1, k2tog, psso does need to be a k2tog to make up for the 2 yrns.

BUT I took another look at your pattern and realized that your “sl1, k2tog, psso” isn’t centered in your rib.

I think the pattern needs to be:
cast on 41
row 1:k1 * yrn, k3, sl1, k2tog, psso, k3, yrn, k1*
row 2: p

don’t give up! The pattern was just written incorrectly!

you are so right :grrr: I tried the pattern and ended up with 4 sts too. I also noticed that this pattern makes up into a ripple pattern like a ripple afgan so you wouldn’t be able to get a square to sew into an afgan. .Here’s a real simple lace pattern you could try
multiple of 12 sts +1

k|kkkkkk0/0/0/ row 14 repeat after first k
kkkkkk0/0/0/k row 12 { for example row 2 would be k1 (y/o k2tog
kkkkk0/0/0/kk row 10 y/o k2tog,y/o k2tog, k6) repeat ( )

kkkk0/0/0/kkk row 8 purl 1,3,5, etc rows
kkko/o/o/kkkk row 6
kk0/0/0/kkkkk row 4 k= knit 0= yarn over and /= knit 2 tog
k o/o/o/kkkkkk row 2 this is called Alsatian Pattern if you copy it out on graph paper you will see it better lol :happydance: Ellie

just looked at nhow this came out on the site. somehopw the space between the pattern and my instructions came together no gap! the pattern is to the left of the row numbers the other writing to the right is just explaination. Computer typing is not one of my skills :doh: :doh:

Thanks for the help :hug: much appreciated

here’s the pattern I am trying to knit.

Lace Rib

You may be able to tell from the picture what the stitches are - I’m not that good yet!!!

NB Just in case you’re wondering - This is from the stitch dictionary part of the book, but I am knitting a ‘dishcloth’ square from the projects section (the pattern is exactly the same as shown here - apart from the pattern says to cast on 41st)