Help understanding pattern

Can anyone help me with this pattern? I am attaching a screen shot of the instructions. I feel like a dolt but I just do no understand this neckline. Specifically, knit 16 stitches, turn and slip remaining 36 stitches on a holder, knit to end. ??? I am grateful for any help. Cheers!53%20AM

Welcome to KH!
Knit the first 16sts of the row then place the remaining, unworked sts, (36 sts) on a holder or scrap yarn. Now turn as you would at the end of the row and knit across those same 16sts to the end of the row. You’re going to work on this first shoulder, shaping the neckline with decreases until a given measurement and then cast off.
The next steps separate the held sts (36) into the center neck and the other shoulder.