Help Understanding Pattern


I am wanting to try the Shawl-in-a-Ball yarn at Walmart (only “hobby” store near by - really sad) that had a nice looking shawl on it - I figured the pattern would be inside. Not there, but I did find it online. Anyway, the pattern calls out some instructions that don’t make sense to me. The pattern is available here:

Here’s what I don’t get:
Row 3 says to place markers and the note after row 3 says that every time I come to a marker I slip the stitch. It doesn’t say purlwise or knitwise, so should I assume purlwise.

Next question: Again with the note after row 3, slip the marker each time I come to it. Row 4 doesn’t say to slip the markers, but other rows do, such as rows 5 and 7. So do I slip the stitches/markers on each row or not?

I have to admit, it took me a few minutes to figure out that sm meant slip marker as it wasn’t defined in the “abbreviations” section.

Thanks for the help.


Hi there!!

You will be slipping the markers every row, whether they say to or not. Thanks



Forgot to answer your first question:

You’re not supposed to slip a stitch, you are slipping the marker. So it doesn’t matter if it’s purl or knit-wise.