Help understanding pattern language

I’ve been working on the following pattern for about a month now, and am at the finished stage. I did all the knitting and binding off, but am semi-confused in which way to fold and start seaming it up. I’ve never knitted a shrug before and the instructions are a little confusing to me. Judging from the picture it looks like iI stitch up part of the ribbing side, but want to make sure before I start as of hating to take it out. Any help in clarification would be appreciated. THANKS!!!

I can’t get the page to load right now so I’ll check back later. By then someone may have been able to see it and help you, too.

Don’t seam the ribbing. Actually the ribbing edges stay open and are at the lower edges in the schematic. They are the cast on and bind off edges that you line up in making the fold. You’ll be seaming 15" up from the ribbing and leaving the remaining 7" open on the folded rectangle for the armholes. After you seam both sides, the shrup opens up so that the ribbing forms a border all along the outside of the shrug. (The 44" length that you knit is the 15" seam and 7" armhole twice.)

>>>>Fold piece in half, bringing cast-on edge to bound off edge, to measure 38 x 22 in. (96.5 x 56 cm). Place markers on each of the 22 in. (56 cm) sides, 7 in. (18 cm) below fold for armholes. Seam sides from marker down to lower edge. Weave in ends.<<<<

Is this where you are?

Fold this in half so the bound off edge meets the cast on edge. You don’t seam those edges, but the ones that were at the side as you knit it. Sew them part way up, leaving 7" open from the fold down.

Thanks for the below help, but i am still a little confused. I folded it width wise and it ended up the tube thing after i sewed it together where i couldn’t put my arms in at all. i’m was thinking i needed to sew it length wise, but still am not sure. thanks for the patience in helping me.

If you lay the shrug out flat with the ribbing from the cast on nearest you and the ribbing from the bind off farthest away from you, and then fold the bind off toward you to meet the cast on, you’ll have the fold correct and oriented like the schematic. Pin the seam on either side, leaving enough room at the fold for your arms. If 7" for half the armhoe isn’t comfortable, mark the armhole at a lower point, say 8" from the fold and try the shrug on. If that works, then seam up to the 8" marker (should be about 14").

Fold it the long way so you have a rectangle 38" wide by 22" high. On the 22" side sew the edges for only 7", which will leave 15" as the armholes. You don’t sew along the long edge at all.

so I will be knitting the ribbed edges for the armholes correct?

No, the ribbed edges, the ones that are k1 p1, are not knit. You’re not going to knit anymore, you’ll be sewing the side edges together.

Here’s your piece, the v’s are knit, the - are purls…

You sew the side edges with the Vs together partially, and leave the top and bottom edges open.

ohhhhh ok…the lightbulb has been turned on. i didn’t mean to say knit in my earlier post, but rather sew. thanks, i now understand!!! much appreciated!!!