Help understanding pattern (increase)



I am new to knitting and am trying to follow a pattern for the first time. I am knitting a hand puppet and am confused by the instructions for increasing. Can anyone advise if it’s me or the pattern which is not making sense. I can’t see how the stitches increase to (52 Sts) I have 48 sts at the start of this increase instruction. How do I follow this pattern to get 52?

I have 48 stitches on my needles which is correct according to the pattern. Here is the pattern instructions:

Increase for puppet arms. Next: k11, (inc1) twice, k22, (inc1) twice, k11 (52 sts)

I work it out that I still have 48sts after following these instruction. Am I reading it wrong? How do I increase to 52sts?


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The pattern is using an increase that uses a stitch such as a knit front and back (kfb). Knit 11 sts, kfb using the next stitch, kfb again in the following stitch, k22, repeat the kfb, kfb, k11. That’ll use up all 48 sts and leave you with 52.

What is the name of your pattern?


ahhhh, thank you so much. It’s for a rabbit hand puppet.