Help understanding neck shaping pattern

Hello, is it possible anyone could help me with the following pattern instructions? I’m very confused as to where I’m supposed to decrease on each row. I’m the smallest size for this jumper, if anyone could help by deciphering the paragraph with alt rows I’d really appreciate it, I’m a bit of a beginner, thank you! :slight_smile:

Pattern goes as follows:

Keeping patt correct, dec 1 st at neck edge of next 6 rows, then on
foll alt row and at same time cast off 4 [4: 5: 5: 6] sts at beg of
2nd and foll 3 [1: 3: 1: 3] alt rows, then – [5: -: 6: -] sts at beg of
foll – [2: -: 2: -] alt rows.

Welcome to KH!
Decrease at the neck edge on rows 1,2,3,4,5, 6 and 8. Cast off 4sts at the beginning of row 2 and rows 4,6, and 8. Whenever there is a dash or a zero for your size, skip that step.

Thank you! That helps a lot :slight_smile: