Help understanding my pattern

Hello I am knitting my first sweater, doing the sleeves, and I cant understand these directions:

“Cast on 46 stiches, work 2 cm in border st, increasing in the last row-evenly divided to 76 stiches.”

I have knit the 2cm of border st already, and I am assuming that i now have to increase 30 stiches all in one row. But where do I do the increases? Should i increase with the first and last 15 stiches, or should I space them out more?

Can anyone help me decipher this?

Thank You.

Space them out, as evenly as you can. It doesn’t have to be exact, mind you, just as close as you can. It allows the sleeve to blouse out from the border.

I always hate the “increase so many stitches evenly across” instructions. I wish they would just do the math for me and I wouldn’t have to think about it.

You know you need to increase 30 stitches over these 46, but it would suck to get to the end and have too many or too few and have to start over. So to make it a little easier for you, increase 15 stitches over the first 23 (half of the total sts), which is going to be more than increasing 1 every other st… ugh, I hate having to figure all this out. Maybe I’m too anal about increasing EVENLY across. lol

Anyway… just increase like this:

k1, inc in next 2 sts (repeat this 6 times)
inc in next st
k2 (these are the center 2 sts)
inc in next st
inc in next 2, k1 (repeat this to end)
If I did my math right, you should end with a k st, and have 76 sts.

thanks i will try that!

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If you google “yarn increase calculator” (without the quotes) you will get a program that will help with incr/dcr in even increments across the row. it’s kind of cool! tillie