Help: understanding guage & needle size

perhaps a simple question:

i have a pattern that uses size 9 needles.
the yarn i would like to use suggests 7 or 8.

is it possible to use this yarn and use size 9 needles?

any help would be appreciated. i’m a novice…

The needles suggested on the yarn label are smaller, so the yarn is probably thinner than the one suggested in the pattern. I would make a swatch and check if it fits the pattern suggested gauge.

thanks so much.

in the case that it doesn’t fit, do you have any suggestions?

mmm… Well, you can get the yarn in the weight requested by the pattern… Because if it won’t fit the gauge, you’ll end up with something in the same size perhaps, but looking like eyelets (thinner yarn and the same needles - loops too big fir that yarn) and hanging down. IMHO… Maybe someone has better suggestions :shrug:

thanks so much for your help. i think i understand now. :slight_smile:

Actually I’ve found that you can sometimes go up a needle size or two from what’s on the label and the piece looks just fine. You can certainly try it and see what gauge you get. If it’s too loose, you can go down to size 7 or 8 needles and knit a larger size.


thanks so much, sue. i’ll try that and see what turns up.

this is such a fantastic place. thanks for all of the help!