Help understanding an instruction

I am working on the back of a sweater shaping the armholes. After that I shape the shoulders It says:

At each armhole edge, bind off 8 sts once, 9 sts once, and 9 sts once. 42 sts for back remain. Then bind off the remaining sts for back.

How do I do this? If my working yarn is on one end do I work the RS row binding off 8 sts each end, work the WS even, then the next RS bind off 9 sts each end, work the next WS even, then next RS row bind off the other 9 sts each side, then work WS even, then last RS row bind off the remaining 42 sts?

Hi @Kittyknit,
Yes binding off shoulders can be very confusing! Here’s an excellent video on that topic from Very Pink Knits:

Thank you very much! :blush:

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You’re welcome - happy (holiday) knitting!
I’d love to see your sweater when it’s completed!

Here is the next part I am confused about. When I get to the left front it says neck and armhole shaping occur simultaneously. I have two pictures one of the directions for shaping the neck, which I previously did on the back, and one of the directions for the shaping for the armhole and neck on the front.

Can you explain how this is to be done. Thank you, so very much, I really appreciate your help.

Oh I think I get it now. Work one armhole decrease row then work three more on the third one start the neck edge decreases the 14 times .

I like the sloped bind off very much for a nice smooth edge, too. Thanks for the video, nobleknits.

Since you can really only bind off easily at the beginning of a row, bind off on a RS row, work to the end of the row, turn, bind off at the beginning of the WS row and finish the row. Continue in this way until you’ve bound off all the required sts. Finally, turn to the RS and bind off the rem 42sts.