Help understanding a pattern

Hi. I am making this sweater. I have the back done and am almost done the front. But I am a bit stumped.

It is the left neckline shaping. The pattern says:

Bind off at neck edge 5 sts once, then 3 sts twice, and 1 st 3 times.

I have several questions - does that mean that I am binding off on 11 rows?? I’m assuming this is the case because I am decreasing 14 sts total.

Also, it doesn’t say if I should be starting with a RS or WS row to do this. The whole pattern so far has specified this - maybe it doesn’t matter. I have only bound off at the beginning of a row on the knit side, so really I am going to have to alternate knit bind off and purl bind off, as well as at the beginning of a row and at the end of a row, right? :??

You cannot bind off at ends of rows, it ALWAYS has to be done at the beginning of a row so depending on whether your neck edge is on the right edge or left edge of your right side rows, you will either be binding off at the beginning of knit rows or the beginning of purl rows. Does that help?

That does help - thanks! The neck edge is on the left of the RS row so I guess I will be binding off on the WS (purl). Thanks!!

You got it! :smiley: