Help understanding a pattern

Good Morning, All,

I’m working on a this pattern right now.

I’m a bit stuck now though. I’m at the last section that starts with “All further rows are now knitted in stocking stitch…”. I find myself very confused as to how to proceed. The instructions after that don’t seem to go all the way across the shawl. The first row says to turn after 125 stitches and work the second row and then it goes from there.

Can anyone help me understand this last section?All further rows are now knitted in stocking stitch i.e. 1 row knit, 1 row purl and the short
row shaping to give the crescent effect are performed as follows:-
Row 1 (RS): Wyif sl1p, K125 TURN work
Row 2 (WS): P9 TURN work
Row 3: K8, ssk, k3 TURN work
Row 4: P11, p2tog, p3 turn work
Row 5: Knit to 1 st before last turning point i.e. “gap”, ssk, k3 turn work
Row 6: Purl to 1 st before last turning point i.e. “gap”, p2tog, p3 turn work
Repeat rows 5 and 6 until all sts worked. On the last repeat of rows 5 & 6, there will be 4
sts to work after the decrease instead of 3. 185 sts remain.

Thank you so much for your help. I"m hoping to wear this on my wedding day.

I think I’ve figured it out. :slight_smile:

Great, that’s always best. It’s short rows so just follow stitch numbers and all the sts will eventually be worked.
Lovely scarf!