Help understanding a pattern Please

Hi Everyone, I am having trouble understanding a pattern. Pls any help I will appreciate it. The pattern says “ beg with a purl row, increase one st at beg of next row and at the same edge in fall 15 rows then on fall three alt rows then on 4 fall fourth rows”
I casted on 14 st, I knitted the firs row After that does this mean I have to increase on the second row? WS? And every row for 15 rows?

Sounds like the first row after the cast on is a purl row. Then you call the next row, row 2 (a knit row) and increase at the beginning of rows 2-16. If your stitch pattern is stockinette stitch the “next row”, row 2 would be a knit row.
What is the name of your pattern?

Thanks for replaying. The name is Rosalee from Rico. I got at Ravelry for free. And here is a picture where I get confused.

Cast on and knit one row. The following row is a purl row. On the next row, a knit row, start the increases.

Thank you. And what does it mean increase on the foll three alt rows?

So if the purl row is row 1 and the increases are on rows 2-17 then the 3 following alt are rows 19, 21 and 23. The 4 following 4th rows are rows 27,31,35 and 39.

(I missed a row in my previous post but counting that row in the increases start on rows 2-17. Sorry for the confusion.)

Thank you so much I get it now.

I can’t find the pattern on Raverly. I even checked their website. Can you send me a link or more info?



I’m still looking for the pattern on Raverly. I’ve type Rosalee from Rico and I’m not getting anywhere with the info you provided. How about the link?


@Tejerchacra can you help with mssheep’s question please?