Help understanding a Debbie Bliss pattern

I am working the diagonal rib sweater from Debbie Bliss, Simply Soft 2005. I was having a great time until row 34. The instruction for the cables ends . The instruction says to cont. to move cables out from the center in this way for 29 more rows . If I could do this on my own, I would not have needed the instructions for the previous 33 rows. If you have worked this and can give me some insight, I would be grateful!

I don’t have this book, but try to take a look at the previous rows’ instructions. I imagine there’s a progression to it where the stitches on one side of the cable are increasing and are decreasing on the other side. If it’s too confusing, maybe you could post, say, the last 5 right side row instructions and maybe we can figure out from there what you need to do.

Thanks Ingrid!
I have tried looking back at the pattern for the progression,but I think I’m
easily confused, not very smart, and too emotional. Here are a few rows:
row 25-rib 18, [C4B,p2,CBP,k2] twice, C4B rib 10, C4F, [k2,C4FP,p2,C4F] twice, rib 18

row 27-rib16, [C4BP,k2,C4B,p2] twice, C4BP, k2, rib10, k2, C4FP, [p2,C4F,k2,C4FP] twice, rib16

row 29-rib 14, [C4B,p2,C4BP,k2] twice, C4B, p2, k2, rib 10, k2, p2, C4F, [k2, C4Fp, p2, C4F] twice, rib 14

row 31-rib 12, [C4BP, k2, C4B, p2] twice, C4BP, k2, C4B, rib 10, C4F, k2, C4FP, [p2,C4F, k2,C4FP] twice rib 12

row 33-rib 12, k2, p2, C4BP, k2, [C4B,p2,C4BP,k2] twice, rib 10, [k2,C4FP,p2,C4F] twice, k2, C4FP, p2, k2, rib 12.

Keeping 12 sts at each side in rib, cont to move ribs out from centre in this way for 29 more rows.

The ws rows are k the k and p the p. As you can see there is a center panel of 10 ribbed and the cables move outward. If nothing else I feel better for sharing my pain!

I tried charting this out a bit, but I’m confused, too.

What do rows 35-40 say?

:doh: It just occurred to me that if there were more row directions given, you wouldn’t be having this problem. I’ll keep looking at it and see what I can come up with. If I had it in front of me, I could probably figure it out, but working from written directions doesn’t paint a picture the way a chart would.

Try this. What if you keep repeating rows 31 and 33? Would that keep things moving in the right direction? I suggest this because I can’t imagine that they would want you to figure out the rest of the pattern yourself.

I think they give you the two variations of the rows that you need to keep the 12 stitches on each side.

Please don’t spend alot of time on this (unless you like puzzles), I’m going to put it away for a few days. I’m only at about a third of the back, so if I rip it won’t be devastating. :roflhard:

I think you might be right on that. Why would they spell it out and then just drop me off a cliff.

I love these kinds of puzzles. The gears may take a while to get going, but after a while something goes :figureditout: The more I think about it, the more sure I am that you just keep repeating those rows. :thumbsup: