Help understanding a chart

I am currently knitting the pattern called Fairy Leaves Knit Dress by Bernat.
I have a problem with the second portion where it tells me to knit the knit sts and purl the purl sts. According to the chart the second row says to purl on the ws. So what am i doing knitting the sts that i knitted on row 1 or am i purling those sts. Help @GrumpyGramma ot @salmonmac

Looking at someone elses questions it seems that i am to work the opposite on row2, so it would be right to purl. Could you please just confirm this as i have never used a chart before

I’ve not done much with charts, but I’m sure they will both get back to you soon. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Jan_in_CA

If the stitch is knit on the RS, then purl it on the WS. If it’s purl on the RS, knit it on the WS.
Sometimes patterns will say “work the sts as they present themselves” which is the same thing. If you see a V on the WS, knit it. If you see a bump from the previous row, purl it.
Darling dress!

Thanks @salmonmac that is what i thought but i have breen working so many projects that my brain has become mush

That is a sweet little dress! I’d bet on salmonmac and go with you’ve got it, kiddo! It’s better to ask than to wish you had, right? Of course right! I understand brain mush all too well.

Remember: If you’re working flat you read from right to left then the next row left to right, and that’s the pattern for reading the entire chart. I remember that I was hung up on a very simple stitch chart for a Drops pattern. I could do the stitches but couldn’t read the pattern and make it work. salmonmac explained it to me; I knew that but brain mush…

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Thanks so much guys i am sure that you will hear from me again. I have completed a number of outfits in the past couple of months and will share them as soon as i have time to download the pictures. Thanks again!

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Are you knitting straight back and forth or in a circle?

A knit stitch on the front will look like a purl stitch on the back. A purl stitch on the front will look like a knit stitch on the back. If it looks like a purl stitch, then purl it. If it looks like a knit stitch, then knit it.