Help? Twisted! Any tricks for yarning together?


I have to pat myself one the back for finally finishing my cable-knit scarf project.

I recently started a hooded baby blanket pattern in lionbrand’s “ocean” after my bro-in-law and his g/f knew the baby’s sex (a boy!) using two pieces of yarn simultaneously. The skeins keeping winding around one another. Any tips? I have to keep stopping midrow to detangle . . .

Thanks . . .

Dayna :slight_smile:

Keeping them in separate ziplock bags might help. Are they center-pull balls? :??

No, I usually hand-wind my yarn into balls; I had a bad experience when I first started with a knot in the middle of what was supposedly a center pull ball.

The bags will help more if they unroll from the outside. Plus, it helps keep the yarn clean! :thumbsup:

If you ever have the opportunity to get a yarn winder, I highly recommend it. I got mine from when they had a 50% off coupon.

Even if you hand wind your balls, you can still turn them into center pull balls. that should keep them from tangling.

There’s a video for how to make one here.

Love your scarf!
I ditto the ziploc bag idea…I always keep my yarn in zips when knitting!

I had the same yarn twisting prob when I was trying my first 2 color sock. The best sol’n I found was to keep one ball on each side of me. I still had to stop and untwist occassionally, but that helped a lot.