Help! Tw2R?

Hello everyone! I am working on the tea cozy pattern that has an unusual stitch - Tw2R. It gives an explanation, that isn’t very clear to me: “knit into front of 2nd st on left hand needle, then knit into front of 1st st, slipping both sts off needle together.”

I assume that this means insert the needle from front to back like usual for knitting - except in the 2nd to last stitch on the left needle - then wrap the yarn around the needle (behind the knitting as usual), then pull the yarn through, then knit the last stitch as usual, then slip both off the needle. It is supposed to give a raised ribbing row (doing this on every other row and purling those stitches on alternate rows), and it does - but it is not a neat row but all jumbled looking. :thinking:

Specifically, my question is about “knitting into the front of a stitch” - is that the same as knitting normally (versus knitting into the back of a stitch?) I couldn’t find any mention of Tw or 2R or any combination in the stitch glossery on this website and in the book I have, and I have no idea what these abbreviations actually stand for.

This is the link for the pattern & picture:
Also, if someone knows how to post a link without having to spell out the entire URL, advice would be welcome!

Thanks everyone for all your help!

  • Jessica

I think you have the right idea with TW2R. Basically you’re going to knit the second st on the left needle BEFORE you knit the first; and yes, you should perform a normal knit. I think the TW stands for “twist”. “2” refers to the number of sts involved in the twist and “R” stands for “Right” (as in the sts will twist to the right).

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Hope that helps …

Thanks ekgheiy! That answered my questions perfectly!!

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