Help! turn

If I am knitting on circular needles and the pattern says “turn”. Does that mean that I turn the needles so that I’m going back the same way? I just ripped out a whole bunch of work because I was sure it was becoming lopsided but I can’t imagine what else to do?

Please help! thank You!

Yes, If you were working were you look at the work and you see knit stitches, you turn your work where you look and see purl stitches…

Is that what you were wanting?

do you have a link for the pattern?

Thank you for your help! I have not knitted in several years and am starting a felted clog. I purchased the pattern from fiber trends so I don’t have a link. I was doing fine, had the right amount of stitches but when I looked at it - one side was growing and the other not. I thought it looked wrong, but thought I was doing right. So I ripped it all out to start fresh. I think I may acted to quickly in my ripping!

I have made a ton of those…i think my count now is around 17? I have the pattern for the adult and childs version…i can follow along if you just tell me where you are.

You need anymore help, I can help you.

I was on row 25 and it seemed that only one side of the slipper upper was growing because of the turning. I thank you so much for the help.

What size? and are you doin ok now?

I am making size 8 and have just completed row 35. Is one side supposed to be longer (taller) than the other?

ok , the middle of the round is taller than the begining of the round. You are making the hole where you put your foot in the shoe.

does that help?