Help turn me into a sock knitter

Hi Everyone
I know you all love to make socks and i’ve never wanted to try it before but after makeing my last pair of slippers i decided it wouldn’t be sooo bad… I REALLY want to try it. Could someone suggest a really fun pattern that i would be able to try to begin with? And what size needles should i get?:cheering:Can’t wait to see if you guys can convert me to a sock knitter! Thanks a bunch.

Hi psquidy,

Here are two patterns for socks:

you need 2.5 mm dpns.
Try it. Make mistakes, and try it again.

Greetings from Germany


This is a very easy basic sock pattern that I have used. The cuff can be made longer or shorter to suit your taste.

I’m still waiting to love to make socks.

I have made less than half a dozen pairs or so in various forms. My first was at a class at my LYS but that only resulted in sock. Poor little lonely thing.

Then I learned how to make toe-up socks from this Knitty article and made my first pair of socks. I liked it enough to make myself a second pair.

Then I learned Magic Loop and made 2 toe-up socks from Silver’s wonderful tutorial.

Now, I’m working on making a pair of socks on 2 circular needles using instructions from Cat Bordhi’s book Socks Soar on 2 Circular Needles

I’m actually adapting a pattern from another book but using 2 circs to do it.

I am planning on making these socks from Magknits next because the instructions are written for 2 circulars. I am sure I could also use Magic Loop for them if I wanted to.

But I still don’t :heart: LOVE :heart: making socks. I just like them a little better than I did before.:shrug:

I am not a sock knitter. I have started a sock, but I got sidetracked by gorgeous Manos wool and now I’m on an afghan. I also have to vote for Silver’s sock tutorial though. I found this when I started my sock and it really is great. I bought a really gorgeous (and expensive) sock yarn to motivate myself to try again and I will definitely use Silver’s sock tutorial. It’s so great to be able to SEE the steps.

I just fell in love with making socks myself. I think if you just get yourself some Opal type sock yarn for your first pair, you won’t even have to “worry” about any particular pattern because the yarn knits in stripes and other cool color combos all by itself. Think of the long colorways from Nore, well, that’s how it is with the Opal yarn for socks. A plain stockinette will look absolutely wild when you’re done! The only thing for me is having to get used to the itty bitty tiny size 2 needles! I’ve been knitting other things with size 10 or 11 needles, so it’s taken me a bit of getting used to. The stitches are small, but in the end you are still “just knitting”. I even learned to do the socks on two circulars which in my mind is easier than trying with dpns. Many great online tutorials, just take it one step at a time.

I would recommend using Silver’s Sock Class, with thicker yarn and larger needles. That way you can finish a sock relatively quickly, and get a basic understanding of sock construction before you commit to a pair using teeeeny yarn and needles. Personally I started by making socks for my then-2yo with sport weight yarn on US4 needles. I think that if I’d tried to learn with actual sock-weight yarn on US1s, I never would have made it through the first sock. :teehee: But YMMV…just give it a try! :slight_smile:

Got to also recommend Silvers Sock Tutorial - she gives numbers in regards to what weight of yarn you’re using so you can use her tutorial no matter what kind of yarn you’ve got!

I knit my first pair with her instructions handy and I glided through them no probs!!

I started with Silver’s Sock class (in May) This is my very first sock) With Silver’s many photos, you just CAN’T go wrong!:

2nd pair I just finished. Looks hard but isn’t:

Slipper socks (modified Silver’s for thicker yarn). Made 2 like this, but forgot to take picture of the others (green) which I mailed so uncle and cousin in Rio de Janeiro…can you believe they are FREEEEEEEEZING down there?!?:

Now I’m working on my first toe up socks:

OH, and OTN are some Lion Brand’s Cottage Socks.

Soooooooooooo…you see, it’s easy, AND addictive!!! :teehee:

I have just finish making my 9yr. old son sock that he wanted for spirt week!!! (crazy socks). Love them :yay:
thanks you everyone here. Now he want long sock like the football players wear!!! He plays football if anyone has or know of a pattern or if i just can make the ones that i did and make them longer!!!:knitting:

thank you :grphug:

Show us a picture!!! :nails:

are Silver’s tutorials made w/ US sized needles?

Yup. Guess so.

Someone shoulda warned me that they are addictive!Pattern by knitting pure and simple.Great pattern.Good results