Help trying to make something larger than the pattern

hi, im new here but i need help! lol

ive not been knitting long(since new years eve to be exact lol) and this is the 1st time ive tried altering a pattern

i knitted my dd a kitty a few weeks back, she loved it and wanted another…but a bigger one

so i want to use the same pattern, just make it larger

how do i go about doubling it? like do i just double the cast on sts, or double everything?

like heres a bit of the pattern…

Cast on 24 stitches. (do i double it to 48?)

Knit 52 rows. (and this to 104?)

Cast off.

thanks so much in advance!!

Since size isn’t an issue as compared to something wearable, I think doubling everything should work.

Another option is to use the same pattern but double the thickness of the yarn and enlarge the needle size.