HELP! Trying to do a trim pattern

I am trying to do a trim called Hoops. The pattern calls for a double YO on one row then on the next row (k 1, p 1, k 1, p 1, k 1) in double yo. I CO a multiple of 4.

How do I do the (k 1, p 1, k 1, p 1, k 1) in double yo part? I am putting it on a pinwheel blanket. I’d like to work the trim off the live stitches of the blanket. It is for my 11 month old daughter and I’d like to make the edge decorative. I am up for other suggestions if anyone has them.


The double YO is going to make a really big loop after you drop one of them off the needle. Knit into it, but leave it on the left needle, bring your yarn forward and purl into it, move the yarn back and knit into it again, then move yarn forward and purl, then finally move the yarn to the back and knit into again. Once you practice this a couple times, you should be able to see what you need to do, and also keep your tension loose.

So I will need to do this pattern twice, once for each YO? I think I will just have to practice this MANY times to get it right. That’s what I thought I was supposed to do but it didn’t look right after I did it…will let you know how it turns out.

Nooooo. The double YO is the yarn wrapped around the needle twice, putting 2 loops on it. When you come to it on the next row, drop off one of the loops and knit all the sts in the extra large loop you now have.

You do know that a YO is just a wrap around the needle not wrap and k1? So you don’t have a knit stitch between the YO loops.

OK. Thanks. Yes, I got the YO twice correct. I just didn’t realize I needed to drop the first one off. Thanks SO much for your help! Maybe now I will have some hair left :slight_smile: