Help! trouble with circular needles

I have a beret pattern that i would like to work with and it uses circ needles that i do have. However i cant remember the size of the needles. Is there a way to tell?

Thanks for any suggestions

Yes, there are needle guages that will tell you what size your needles are. They are inexpensive, and they are available most places where knitting notions are sold. I would definitely recommend purchasing one, as it is a very handy tool! Some needles are marked, others are not. Even when the needles are marked, I sometimes find the markings difficult to read!

thank you!. I will definitely get one

In a pinch if you don’t have a needle gauge just pick something that looks close and knit a swatch to see if the gauge is close. If the gauge is right then you have the right needles.

If you don’t have a needle gauge and don’t/can’t buy one then you could also try just measuring them in millimeters – needles are all like 5mm or 5 1/2mm or 6mm in diameter and then that mm measurements maps onto what their size is – in US or BWG or whatever. If you have a ruler handy just eyeball the diameter by laying the needle on top – I doubt you could eyeball a 5mm vs a 5 1/2 mm but you can probably tell a 5mm from 6 mm. If