Help Triangles

The pattern says:

Started with 80 sts. Increase 1 Stitch after every two stitched. After round 10, there are 120 stitches.

Triangular Blocks (knitted in Clockwise Directions)
R1(RS): K1, Turn. (1sts)
R2: P1, turn. (1sts)
R3: S1, K1, turn (2sts)
R4: P2, Turn(2sts)
R5: S1, K2, turn. (3sts)
R6: P3, Turn. (3sts)
R7: S1, K3, Turn. (4sts)
R8: P4,Turn. (4sts)
R9: S1, K4, Turn. (5sts)
R10: P5, Turn. (5sts)
R11: S1, K5, Do not turn. (6sts)

Thanks for anyones help

I’m not really sure what your question is?

Is it the ‘turn’ instructions you don’t understand? Just turn your work as if you’re at the end of the row and only work over the sts you did on the previous row. Sounds like you’re doing the starting triangles for entrelac, so just follow the instructions and it’ll start to make sense.

Yes, that makes a lot of sense. You’ll have a series of triangles that are 6 stitches wide at the needle. Once you finish the last row, you start the next set of rows , knitting the next stitch on the needle.

I just started knitting and Im trying this project. I just didnt know exactly how any of this worked. For the first row do i just knit one stich then turn back around? Thank you for all your help

I also do not understand what the “right side” knit 1 part means. How do i do this?

Right Side of knitting is the side that you look at–the outside of a sweater, the top side of a blanket, etc. In this pattern, the right side is the side where the knit stitches are.
For this type of pattern, there is a lot of back and forth knitting. So, yes, you knit 1, turn and purl back. Then you’ll slip 1, knit 1, turn and purl back. You keep going this way until you’ve worked 6 stitches.
In the end you’ll have 20 little ‘flags’ hanging off your needle.
After that, you’ll be picking up stitches down the side of each flag and working them back and forth.
I don’t know how much knitting experience you have, but I did an entrelac blanket and ended up learning how to knit backwards so I didn’t have to turn the work so much.